Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Blog!

So sorry to disappoint all you all that were hoping I'd revive this bad boy once I got some time... But that just ain't gonna happen I've decided. Not because I don't like blogging about music, I've just grown bored with this format. So to ramble on about music without having to upload playlists or justify all my posts and just in general have fun blogging again, I've started a new blog that will give me much more freedom. So if you enjoy my writing style and still want to hear what I have to say about music even when it's not accompanied by a downloadable playlist (and if you're still actually reading this)... come on over to my new blog at:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Should I re-enter the world of Blogging?

It's a good question, I clearly haven't posted anything in a good long while... So should I give this ol' girl a nice little kick start once again? Maybe with a little format change as I am currently lacking my music library? What do all you followers out there think? Are any of you still even reading this? Do you have any suggestions on what type of music you'd like to hear me justify? I want feedback on this! And if I don't get it I'll assume you all think this thread ought to be dead in the water.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Side to Punk

So I got to thinking, there are a lot of good side-projects that come out of punk bands. Punk is such a basic genre that often times members will get bored and explore other mediums to create a message through. Now with this being the heaviest week (assignment wise) I decided to post a bonus disc for you folks full of side projects of punk bands and a few that for whatever reason I just couldn't work into the mixture of bands (cause I sure as heck ain't getting that Christian list out within the next two weeks).

Being as I started off the playlist with Bad Religion I have decided to use Greg Graffin to start off each section of this bonus disc. Greg Graffin will head of Folk/Acoustic, American Lesion will head off bands that have been formed with members of other punk bands and an acoustic version of a Bad Religion song to head off punk bands that didn't make the cut. (And just for the record, I know Mike Park is actually from the Ska scene, but I've given them enough credit in this list to let one of them in)

MLG Punk: Bonus Disc
1. Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) - Little Sadie
2. Dustin Kensrue (Thrice) - I Knew You Before
3. Mike Park (Skankin' Pickle, The Chinkees, The Bruce Lee Band) - I'm Supposed to Be There Too
4. Nikola Sarcevic (Millencolin) - Love Trap
5. Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) - Cassette Deck, Road Trip, Grand Canyon
6. Joey Cape (Lagwagon) - Violins
7. Bad Astronaut (Lagwagon) - The "F" Word
8. American Lesion (Bad Religion) - In The Mirror
9. Matthew Thiessen (Relient K) - The Calendar, The Energy (If This Is You then Woe Is Me)
10. Anthony Green (Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer, Saosin, Circa Survive, The Sounds of Animal Fighting) - I've Been Dying to Reach You
11. Saint Alvia Cartel (Boys Night Out, Jersey) - Don't Wanna Wait Forever
12. Tim Armstrong (Rancid) - Into Action
13. The Network (Green Day) - Transistors Gone Wild
14. Daredevils (Bad Religion) - Hate You
15. Boxcar Racer (Blink 182, Hazen Street) - Watch The World
16. Bad Religion - Sorrow
17. Craig's Brother - epissdumbology
18. Cauterize - My Everything
19. Sherwood - Middle of the Night
20. Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer - Death or Radio
21. The F-Ups - I Don't Know
22. Propagandhi - Cut Into the Earth
23. F*cked Up - Magic Word

Download The Playlist Here ---> Mediafire

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Punk... The Genre that Doesn't get Enough Credit (Part 4: Folksy Punk)

Finally We have reached the end of this playlist that has been in the works since summer. I gotta say, I'm looking forward to doing something different and I'm likely not going to be doing any more 4 parters in the future. So without further ad-due, here is the final disc of your Punk Playlist.

This is essentially the bands that tend to draw upon the more acoustic/folk side of music to flavor their punk. Since both early punk and early folk were heavily influenced by protest and revolution, it seems to be quite the fitting union to create. However that being said, there are just a few bands in here that I felt needed mention because they didn't quite fit into the last list of bordering on the edge. So this list is a complex mix of folk influenced punk and bands that are bordering on becoming something else. As with most of the stuff in this playlist it's hard to explain so I'd recommend you download the songs from the link at the end of this post and give them a listen to.

Something Corporate - These guys were marketed wrong, pure and simple. They have a nice and polished sound with quite the talented pianist as the front-man (or at least talented by punk standards... If you don't believe me check out this live video of their song Konstantine, which is noteworthy enough to have been referenced in several punk songs that I know of (generally about the konfusion line)). Lyrically they deal with a lot of the same subject matter as other pop punk bands, however they just have this way of saying things that sets them apart from the rest, it's hard to explain. Essentially, if these guys had ever gotten out of the underground/Warped Tour side stage level of fame they'd have had it set. They have the makings of a great band, unfortunately not enough people have realized it. Even the front-man's stage-presence is surprisingly dynamic considering he's hidden behind an upright piano the whole time (also, he plays an upright piano, that gets him points right there).

Weakerthans - John K. Samson used to play bass for Propoghandi... Now he fronts one of the more successful indie bands in music today. I'd almost go as far as to say that he has far surpassed them in fame where things are today and if you're at all familiar with the two bands and you listen to the album "Less Talk, More Rock" by Propoghandi it is painfully obvious who writes which songs, and both members benefitted greatly by the split. By that I mean they could reach their full potential only once they were no longer trying to both have their way. But that in not way tells you what the Weakerthans sound like, so I'll try to sum it up in a nice little sentence. (Country + Folk + Punk) x The Indie Mindset (which, admittedly, could be the name of an indie band) = The Weakerthans. Their lyrics are by far the most interesting and are quite heavily influenced by Martin Luther and Liturgy. Not so much in subject matter but rather in the idea that you can fit as many words as you want into a stanza regardless what logic would depict, and they really don't have to rhyme if you do it right. Look at the lyrics of any off his songs, it looks like he just took a paragraph of text that was never meant to rhyme or anything and just chopped it up in a way that would allow it to fit into the song at hand. Also, they have some pretty sick music videos... Definitely on my list of bands who have yet to disappoint me with a video.

Against Me - Remember the good old days when folk was pumping out all these great protest songs? Well, Against Me has taken that formulae and applied it to punk to make a very accessible and singable set of songs. Almost anyone can pick up a guitar and pump out these songs, singing along to them in their basement with friends. I think I can safely say that anyone who goes out and buys the CD will likely be singing along by track 4.

Dropkick Murphy's - They sound like a bunch of Boston dockhands from Ireland. Celtic Punk at it's finest (almost)

Flogging Molly - One could make the argument that these guys aren't punk, but just really fast folk... To that I'd say "Go see em' live" Whatever doubts you have of their punk cred will be washed away at any live performance. Even though only about half of their songs (at the most) really sound like punk songs to begin with when you go to see them live even the slow songs take on this air of punk. Basically these guys are like Dropkick if they had never taken that boat over to Boston and just stayed in Ireland making their music.

Gogol Bordello - I don't exactly know how to describe this band, so I'll give them the label they have given themselves of Gypsy Punk. Basically they take the punk attitude and a bit of the genre and applied it to more eastern styles of music. Very interesting stuff.

The World-Inferno Friendship Society - Cirque du Solie on Acid with electric guitars! I know it's a weird visual to think of, but it's probably the best way I can describe this band. Punk+Drugs+The Circus = TWIFS.

Ill Scarlett - Remember all that ska turned punk I'd been praising way back when? Well these guys walk a very thin line in these regards as they have always been ska influenced punk as opposed to ska that became punk. This generally gives their punk a very reggae dub feel that is more prevalent in two-tone ska (i.e. The Specials) than third-wave ska (i.e. The Mgithy Mighty Boss-tones). Especially given that they don't have a horn-section and instead allow the guitar to take what might normally be the horn part. That being said, however, they are in no way two-tone as two-tone had not yet really integrated much punk into their music.

Yellowcard - Pop-Punk with a violin. Everything before they got rid of the violin, and their more recent stuff where the violin has taken a backseat are useless. But those couple of CD's where the violin was a central piece to their music is just spectacular instrumentally (say what you will about their lyrics, but the instrumentation was pretty great in those days... at least for a pop-punk band).

Zebrahead - Punk Rap. Or rather punk with a rapper that raps over all the punk. You really have to listen to them to understand what I'm talking about. Aside from that they really have a traditional pop-punk kind of sound. The addition of a rapper just makes them something else that's genuinely unique.

This is me Smiling - I think they've broken up, so good luck getting a hold of anything new by them, but when they were making music they were all very talented individuals playing a weird mix of indie and punk.

Death from Above 1979 - Call it what you will: Punk, Metal, Rock... It's really hard to label them, so I'm just going to throw them in punk because that's what I hear when I hear them. Essentially they are a bassist who occasionally plays keys with a percussionist. So this band is made up of two guys and yet they sound about as full as any other band out there today. Again, one of those bands you just kind of have to hear for yourself.

Download The Songs Here ---> Mediafire

Saturday, January 16, 2010

15 I've Songs Long Since Forgotten About

Hey, It's my fist update of 2010. So here's what's going down, I'm currently completing my final semester so my schooling has gotta take priority over this little project. That being said, I will try my darndest to regularly update (but anyone able to look through previous posts will be able to see how well that worked last semester).

My goal for the next little bit is to finally finish that Punk series I started way back in the summer and tackle those Christian artists as that's the playlist that won the vote way back when. Also I'm going to put up a new poll, so please vote on this one if you at all care what kind of genres I tackle. I also welcome any feedback about any playlists and comments about my choice of artists or really anything at all.

So anyways, I was recently rummaging through my iTunes library and I came across a band that I had not listened to for good 2 years or so. So I decided to do a little more searching and see what else I had forgotten about. And that's how I built up this playlist of songs I have not heard in a good long while. Enjoy!

Songs Long Since Forgotten About

1. Guster - Satellite
2. Aimee Mann - How Am I Different
3. Blanch - Little Amber Bottles
4. Kevin Drew - Safety Bricks
5. The Rumble Strips - Don't Dumb Down
6. The Fratellis - Flathead
7. We Are Scientists - Can't Lose
8. Head Automatica - God
9. The Royal We - This Ain't My Sweet Love
10. Most Unpleasant Men - Sorry
11. Architecture in Helsinki - Tiny Paintings
12. Of Montreal - She's a Rejector
13. A. C. Newman - Miracle Drug
14. La Rocca - Sketches (20 Something Life)
15. The Littlest Man Band - It's You

Thursday, December 24, 2009

An Xmas Gift From MLG

Well, as a Christmas gift to all of you who have been patiently waiting for a new post, here's some Christmas tunes to tide you over till the new year when I'll hopefully be able to keep up with things a bit better and finally finish that Punk series I've been working on since summer.

Also, being Christmas and all, I didn't have time to put it all into a nice and pretty CD like package/format as I have in the past. Maybe I'll update it in the future but for now you'll just have to throw it all into a playlist if you really care about how I tend to order things.

The first two songs listed can be downloaded for free along with the rest of their Christmas albums here:
(I highly recommend checking it out, even if you don't like the songs I've selected as I don't always tend to choose the most representative songs in the world, you can stream em' too if you don't wish to download em' till you've heard a bit more material.)

- Tracklist -
1. Ho Ho Ho Ho Hold Me - From The Moon
2. Santa Wears Tights, Jesus had Long Hair - The Liptonians
3. Sleigh Ride - KT Tunstall
4. Donda Esta Santa Claus - Guster
5. Bizarre Christmas Incident - Ben Folds
6. Learn How to Knit - Hawksley Workman
7. Don't Shoot Me Santa - The Killers
8. Snow Day - Matt Pond PA
9. Fairytale of New York - Pilate
10. Go Tell it on the Mountain - The Blind Boys of Alabama (feat. Tom Waits)
11. O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Sixpence None The Richer
12. Christmastime - Aimee Mann
13. That was the Worst Christmas Ever - Sufjan Stevens
14. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Mason Jennings
15. All I Want for Christmas is Us - Jason Mraz (feat. Tristan Prettyman)
16. No Christmas For Me - Zee Avi
17. Christmas - Rogue Wave
18. Silent Night - Zach Gill
19. O Come All Ye Faithful - Toby Mac
20. Christmas in New Orleans - James Andrews

--> Download The Songs Here!!! <--

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bushman World Ukulele Winners from The Past

Well, if you didn't gather by the last post being somewhat Ukulele focused, I've decided to enter the Bushman World Ukulele Video Contest 2009 (Which by the way you to can enter here: Unfortunately I do not have the finished product in hand as of yet, but I assure you that I am working on it and will have it posted as soon as it is uploaded and entered (At which point you had all better vote for me on Bushman's forum so that I'll at least have a shot at the viewers choice award if nothing else). So to tide you over until I do have the finished product here are some of the Winners and Runner Ups of the last 2 years. In otherwords, this is the quality of Ukulele work I am competing against... I think I may have a shot at this as long as I can make my videos look good.

katianwitchger - Such Great Heights - 5th Place 2008

rzapen - I Have a Little Dreidel - 3rd Honorable Mention 2008

TinroofSunburn - Odds and Ends - 3rd Place 2008

maxevancejpn - Dynamite - 1st Honorable Mention 2008

daniellesmagic - Rich Girl - 10th Honorable Mention 2008

John Moen - I Will Survive - 3rd Place 2007

Jason Arimoto - Cool Me Down - 4th Place 2007

And now... what you've all been waiting for... My stiff competition... The 1st place winners from the past two years (How they managed to beat out the above entries in a video contest I will never know, but it gives me a sense of hope that I may be able to win even with my lackluster video skills.)

Julia Nunes - Survivor - 1st Place 2007

paddydude36 - MMMbop - 1st Place 2008